The Blues Excuse - South-East Queensland Blues Band
How To Play Your
Blues Excuse CD
The best place to play your copy of Terre Rouge is in your CD player.

We mention this important point because some fans seem to miss this and try to play it elsewhere.

Bad places to try playing Terre Rouge include:

In A Hand Of Poker
A straight to the ace is usually a good hand - but while a straight to your copy of Terre Rouge is pretty cool, it generally doesn't win any poker hands. Well, not unless you're playing with complete idiots or everybody is very, very drunk...

In A Business Deal
Tough negotiations often call for tough tactics. But trying to nail down a deal by playing Terre Rouge is inadvisable. Why? Because it's such a good album that your opponent will get caught up in it and quickly forget what deal you were trying to cut in the first place.

In A Chess Match
Queen to Queen's Rook 3 can often impress people. So can letting it be known that you own a copy of Terre Rouge (especially one signed by the band). But otherwise the two things don't go together at all.

In A Sandpit
Finally, playing in a sandpit is fine if you're a child. But if you're trying to use a sandpit to play the 4th track on the album you'll have problems. Big problems. In fact, more problems than we'd like to know about, really...

Blues Fact
The Blues Excuse
In February 2009 the Blues Excuse finally put an end to years of woeful procrastination by releasing our very first CD-ROM: 13 masterful original tracks of the best blues we've ever produced. Read on below to find out more about it:

The Blues Excuse - Terre Rouge

Terre Rouge
Why You Should Buy It
In February 2009 the Blues Excuse finally released our long-promised CD Terre Rouge (that's French for "Red Earth" and yes, it's a reference to the red soil of our home town Kingaroy).

The 13-song album covers a diverse breadth of blues styles from heart-breaking love-gone-wrong songs to rockabilly bunny belters about love gone right.

Terre Rouge is the first CD the band has ever cut and we know it was a long time coming.

So long, in fact, that Blues Excuse guitarist Bomber Frost said he'd grown mighty tired of replying to well-meaning people who'd asked when the album would be out.

"For folks in the know it was a standing joke", Bomber said. "I think people had come to the conclusion that we were playing a huge prank and that instead of going away to record for the weekend we'd all gone to the TAB instead."

"We've been working on this album for years - but mainly that's because we've all got lives and there's much more to it than just sitting in a recording studio for a week and waltzing out with a CD," he said.

"But we all love it, and hopefully the people that like the band will enjoy it too."

The CD will be for sale at selected local outlets in the South Burnett and via our website (see ordering details further below). The band will also sell the CD at our gigs.

"We're in strife if we're looking to make a profit on this," said the band's off-and-on manager Kevin Milo.

"But look, it's blues. And if people like that sort of stuff, they'll love this record," he said. "It's made the old fashioned way. You know... with musicians and their instruments and a lot of passion and sweat".

"So what can I say? Buy the damned thing."

How To Get Terre Rouge
By Mail Order!
Terre Rouge has 13 wonderful tracks and it retails at our gigs and in our home town for an incredibly slim AU$20 (that's just $1.53 per track - and considering what the Australian dollar is worth, even less if you're an American!)

But if you'd like us to post it to you, then we'll put it in a 100% genuine Australia Post CD-ROM package container and post it to you anywhere in the world for an incredible AU$25 (which is still less than $1.92 per track, and you also get to keep the stamps for your collection).

And as a special bonus for our mail-order subscribers, your copy of Terre Rouge will also be individually signed by all the band members. This may make it worth a lot more one day... you never know!

To order a copy of Terre Rouge, simply post a cheque or money order for AU$25 to:

The Blues Excuse,
116 Moore Street,
Kingaroy Qld 4610 Australia

Please make sure you tell us your own name and postal address when you do this so that we know where to post your copy to.

And if you'd like us to email you to let you know when we've slipped your copy in the post, then make sure you include your email address too (but please make sure it's legible - we hate bounce-backs).