The Blues Excuse - South-East Queensland Blues Band
How to get eggs...
How To Get Eggs
Eggs play an important role in any blues lifestyle. Bacon and eggs is a blues breakfast. So is eggs and beans. And sunny side up or sunny side down are both equally valid blues options (soft-boiled eggs with soldiers is not).

And where do eggs come from? They come from chickens. But what do you do if there are no eggs in the cupboard or the hen house? Well, you pursue options.

One of these is to go to the local shops and just buy them.

But another - which is often used by farmers who don't have local shops - is to simply take matters into their own hands.

Here Ken Stone from Passchendaele Farm (suitably dressed in a blue workshirt!) demonstrates how the man on the land gets his breakfast eggs when the hen-house is bare.

Blues Fact
Blues Links
Sometimes getting into the blues requires getting into the right frame of mind. Here are a bunch of sites that have either supported us over the years or given us the blues themselves. Unlike a good blues song there's absolutely no rhyme or reason to our selections. Enjoy!
It takes a bluesman to understand a bluesman (same goes for women). And BASEQ are about as deeply into the blues as they come. BASEQ have been around for many years and recently got a spiff new web site that - we think - is a must-see if you're a blues fan of any description.
The Blues Excuse are headquartered in Kingaroy, right in the heart of the South Burnett. If you've never visited the South Burnett before - or even if you have - our regional portal is the single best guide to what's on, who's where, how much and which way's left. Absolutely amazing...
The Wine & Food In The Park Festival is held in Kingaroy on the second Saturday every March. It's a b-i-g knees-up and The Blues Excuse have played it for years, and then gotten pretty mindless after our set was finished. So if you can't get to any of our other regular gigs make sure you don't miss this one!
Incredible but 100% true: we've never played at the Kingaroy Holiday Park. But if you're looking for accommodation in Kingaroy they have the widest range available (everything from deluxe cabins right down to camping sites).
Ben at the Carrollee Hotel has also been known to hire The Blues Excuse when he wants to reward his thirsty patrons with some good times disco party funk. But fortunately we think he must be tone-deaf because we only play the blues...
The Club Hotel is another Kingaroy pub that's hired The Blues Excuse to lay down some seriously good times on occasion. They have live bands every Friday and Saturday night and we applaud their commitment to keeping local musicians in beer money.
Ken and Carolyn Stone run Passchendaele Farm outside Kingaroy. This is a great place to stay if you're looking for a real holiday in the bush (their property is huge!). And besides, we promised them we'd put a link on our site in exchange for letting us use their photo of Ken getting the eggs (above left).
The Grand Hotel, Esk
You'll often see festival or concert posters that say :"No Eskies!" We don't know where this prejudice against people who live in Esk comes from because we always have a great time when we play there. None of Esk's hotels have a web site, though, so we can't show you if that's a possible cause.