The Blues Excuse - South-East Queensland Blues Band
A Blues Excuse Booking: Your Ticket To Fun!
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Why take drugs to feel good when there's a safe, all-natural alternative available? A Blues Excuse booking is your ticket to a guaranteed good time!

As many publicans and venues all over south east Queensland have already discovered, your good times begin almost the instant you've booked us.

They continue right on through our gig, then linger on in your memory long after you've paid the bill.

In fact, soon you'll find yourself thinking: "Hmmm.... I reckon I could do with some more of that!"

Blues Fact
How To Book
The Blues Excuse
The Blues Excuse are a good time blues band. We play the sort of music that people want to listen to in jeans and comfortable footwear.

We play rocking, rhythmic, funky music that goes down well with a beer or two dozen and lots of great friends. Music that makes you want to get up and dance just because it feels damn good to do it.

In fact, people book us - and book us again and again - because a Blues Excuse gig is a fun gig where it's really hard not to have a good time!

We think that's what being a bluesman is really all about. And that's why we keep doing this (even though it barely pays enough to gas up the Bluesmobile, buy a few new guitar strings now and then and cover Noel's bail bonds.

Booking Us?
It's Soooooooo Easy!
The Blues Excuse can be booked for hotels, functions, parties, festivals, weddings, charity balls, business dinners.... anything where you'd like to entertain a crowd and treat them to a really good time.

Although we're headquartered in Kingaroy, we play all over south-east Queensland. And over the years have performed at many venues and festivals in Brisbane, Toowoomba, Esk, the Sunshine Coast and Wide Bay.

You can contact us direct either by emailing us or by phoning us on (0438) 687-215, (07) 4162-2573 or (07) 4162-1061. You can also get our current rates, booking form and some useful publicity materials a little further below on this page.

(PS: You'll start to feel good as soon as you've booked us. We know! Sometimes when we're down in the dumps we pick up the phone and book ourselves. So we can tell you from experience that it feels great. But hey! Why believe us? Try it and see for yourself).

Bonus Gifts!
If you're a hard-working member of the fourth estate or a die-hard Blues Excuse fan who simply must get hold of every scrap of material that's passed through the band's hands, then make sure you grab these special Bonus Gifts before you leave this page: